We bought our beautiful home in May 2016 and are very happy with our home.  Steve, who is also our friend and a Realtor, came through like I have not seen before.  At one point during the 60 days prior to closing we nearly lost this home but with his dedication and hard work we got the house.  I can say that based on his experience as a Realtor, he knew what he was doing.  I chose him to represent us because not only he was our friend but his expertise as well as his strong connection in the Hendersonville area made it easy for us to hire him.  You want to choose a Realtor that KNOWS the area, not some one who isn't familiar with the area.  He went beyond to give us everything we needed during the process.  He also was very patient with us.  Again, my wife and I cannot say enough about him.  He was great.  Please consider using him, thank you.

Chris & Ellesia Rodgers, Contractor/Builder

My wife and I recently sold our home in Hendersonville. After agonizing about the importance of hiring a realtor that understood our market best, we fortunately hired Steve Shrum. Not only did Steve’s experience create instant traffic and interest from qualified buyers, but he over served in the preparation of selling the house. Simply put, Steve Shrum works for his clients “beyond the contract”. He gave his personal time to advise us on how to best sell our house, and a little of his own elbow grease.

We sold our home and were very happy. We have Steve Shrum to thank.

Steve and Dolly Chandler

It is a privilege to recommend Steve Shrum to you. Steve has served as my realtor in the last three moves that I’ve made. He is always very thoughtful , thorough, and gives great understanding into what it takes to sell your home. When we have purchased homes, he has always given us the understanding that we needed to see things that we would have normally overlooked.

The highest recommendation I can give for Steve representing you as your realtor, is that I have used him every time we have bought or sold a home. In the process of being our realtor, he has also became a great friend. I would encourage you to seriously consider Steve Shrum to represent you as your realtor.  We have Bought and Sold 3 Homes with Steve as of 2016.

John L. McLendon, Jr. Pastor

I called Steve from an ad in a Realtor’s Magazine. Steve actually answered his cell and asked me if he could show that particular home to me and my wife that evening and we said yes. I had called several realtors and left messages and most of them never called me back and the few that did told me to do a drive-by and if I like the outside to call them back “But Not Steve”. We met Steve within a few hours and he showed us that home but it was not for us. For the next 4 weeks plus, Steve would drive me and my 6 month old son around for hours every Saturday showing us homes. Steve sold our home in a few weeks in a very tough market and a real slow moving neighborhood and after looking at dozens of homes and taking Steve’s Saturday’s up for weeks, we found our “Dream Home”. I was in the Banking Industry and my customers wanted perfection from me and I expected the same from Steve and he performed exceptionally for us. Steve told us he would handle every single detail from us selling our home to buying a home. He actually made the entire process completely stress free and joyful. At the closing table, I jokingly made a comment to him and said that once he got paid, we would never hear from him again and that could not be more further from the truth. Steve has become a life long friend to me and my entire family and we recommend everyone to him. If you are wanting a True Real Estate Professional who is a Perfectionist, very very funny, knowledgeable and attention to every single detail, you better contact Steve Shrum. Thanks for answering your cell that day.

Paul Jones, Bank VP

We highly recommend Steve Shrum as your realtor. We used Steve over five years ago to find our current home and was completely impressed of his knowledge in the Hendersonville/Nashville area.

We called Steve to let him know we wanted a Lake Property with Boat Dock and we needed it fast because my husband was new here to the area. We only looked at a few homes before we found the one that we loved. We closed within two and half weeks and moved in immediately.

We were totally impressed with Steve’s Professionalism and the way he handled the entire transaction to make us feel completely at ease. I would not buy another property in Tennessee without using Steve.  We have Bought and Sold 3 Homes as of 2017 with Steve

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Farmer, CPA

I have known Steve for 25 years, he is the finest christian man I know. Steve is professional, talented, extremely hard working and knowledgeable in Real Estate. I trust Steve and if you wish to buy or sell your real estate, Steve Shrum is the person to have to represent you. Steve is with the best real estate firm and has every tool at his disposal to help you. Steve’s website is one of if not the best I have ever seen, Steve will get the job done for you. Steve is a dedicated family man who has the greatest love for his daughter of anyone I have ever know. I have known many persons in my life but I consider Steve my best friend.

Noble (Kip) Caudill, Developer, Builder, Pilot

Steve Shrum made the process of finding a home for our family a Joy. He did an excellent job of Listening to us and thinking of things that we would have forgotten. When making such a Big Decision, you need to have someone who knows what they are doing and can guide you through the process. Steve Shrum is the Best and Truly cares abut his Clients.  We have Bought 2 Homes as of 2016 with Steve

Beth Pickle, CEO

I bought my first house in Spring of 2007. I needed a quick turnover process as I decided I was through paying rent and wanted a home to call my own. Steve and his team made this process exceedingly easy from finding time to explain the process to me, working with my needs and budget and moving things quickly toward closing. After hearing my friend’s stories about their home buying process later on, I realize how easy I had it with Steve.

Within a few weeks, I had seen several homes and was calling the moving trucks. I am currently in the process of selling my home and buying another home with Steve.  We have Bought and Sold 3 Homes with Steve as of 2015

Thanks Steve for all you have done for me.

Brian Williams, Computer Designer

I cannot imagine a more knowledgeable or effective real estate professional then Steve Shrum. His expertise made the sale of our condo quick, easy and profitable. In fact, we are currently in the process of listing another property with him, and are doing so with the utmost confidence.

J.D. Wiggins, Pastor

I have had the honor of listing my home with Steve Shrum and he was able to sell it within just a few weeks. He is a very reputable and hard working realtor who did an excellent job listing and promoting my home. His interpersonal skills and sincerity makes it apparent that he truly loves what he does and continually puts his clients first. We have recommended Steve to family members and would not hesitate to use him again in the future.

Kale Streetman, Doctor

When selling and/or purchasing a residence or property you would be wise to select Steve Shrum as your agent (as we did in 1995). Steve stands above the crowd to see that you needs are highly satisfied from all aspects that are involved when buying or selling a home. Steve is a trusted professional that will do what is right for you and your family. Once you have used him as your agent you want consider using anyone else for years to come.

Eric, Erica and Pam Meredith, Engineer

I was in the market to buy my first home and I had known Steve for several years. He Sold me my first condo in Hendersonville, it was on the market for just one day. I was a little intimidated about buying my first home because I really didn’t know how it all worked. Steve walked me through the entire process, from the loan process, to inspections and then the closing. Steve makes buying a home a fun and easy experience. A year later, I used Steve again to find me a builder to build my custom home. Steve found me a wonderful builder and helped me at every stage of the building process with ease, I am actually still great friends with the builder to this day, Go Titans. Steve is truly a professional and he absolutely loves his clients and always puts their interest and needs first. He will guide you through the entire process with absolute ease. If you are a first time buyer or have bought 15 homes, he will make you feel truly good about the entire process. I can not imagine anyone better then Steve. I refer all of my family and friends to him and always will.

Jason Dillon, General Manager in Car Sales

Steve Shrum found us our “Dream Home” Steve called us one morning and told us about this lake home that had just came on the market just a few minutes ago. We were just a few weeks away from building a custom home and we told him but he finally convinced us at least to take a quick look, Steve knew that this home would be Sold in 24 hours. Steve called the Listing Agent and she told him that it could not be shown without a 24 hour notice, Steve convinced the agent to allow us to look at it anyway. We knew once we drove up and walked-in, it was our “Dream Home”. Steve knew what we wanted and he never gave up on us until he found it. Steve gets to know his clients by listening and deep down he just cares about you, before midnight Steve had negotiated and we had our “Dream Home”. The next day, Steve really had to go to work to sell our other two homes and he had both SOLD within two weeks. We have referred our family, friends and co-workers to Steve and he did for them what he did for us. We could not imagine using anyone else, Steve is truly a Real Estate Professional, he especially get to know what you want and does not quit until he makes you happy. Steve absolutely loves what he does and even our children love him.  We have Bought and Sold 3 Homes with Steve and have referred him at least half dozen times to our employees and friends.

Greg and Janet Puhl, CEO


We bought our beautiful home in May 2016 and are very happy with our home.  Steve, who is also our fri...

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My wife and I recently sold our home in Hendersonville. After agonizing about the importance of hiring a re...

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It is a privilege to recommend Steve Shrum to you. Steve has served as my realtor in the last three moves t...

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